Under the Snow

Under the snow lies the sleepy green shoots of new life, new vitality, new possibilities.  And so it is with us.

By some standards I live “up north”.  That’s a pretty fluid concept in Canada!  Geographically speaking Huntsville, Ontario is actually quite south but given the huge population bubble living in the GTA, I live in a place where the weather and the seasons are more extreme than what many experience.  Particularly winter.  We have snow.  Four months of real snow.  It’s been one of my favourite discoveries of living here – that I love the snow.  That’s been such a bonus; skiing, toboganning, skating, and just playing in the snow.

This year the snow reminds me of myself.  I too have a sleepy, muted exterior this time of year, but I recognize the stirrings of new possibilities under the surface.  I can’t see or articulate them clearly yet, but I feel a certain energy current under all the wintry blankets, cups of hot tea, comfort foods and the inevitable hibernation thickness that comes to my body this time each year.  There is new life under there.  New ideas and possibilities.  It’s exciting to sit with that and hope that one day soon those inklings will become clearer and I’ll turn them into ideas or even actions, or (yay!) visions of what I want to create next in this world.

As a person who loves action, it’s hard to value these quieter times when my ideas are covered in that blanket of snow. But I have to trust that they live on, gathering energy, preparing to make their debut on the scene when the time is right.  I have to trust that this is what is necessary.  So for now, I do my work with an open heart, breathe, play and keep an eye on the snow.