It has been my pleasure to know and work with Belinda for almost 3 years. Belinda has been the lead project manager/designer/facilitator of IAMGOLD’s global supervisory leadership development program (SLDP) since 2011. Considered an IAMGOLD employee, Belinda and I have worked hand-in-hand to

manage the resources for design and implementation of this 8 module program which is experiential in nature and offered in 3 languages across 3 continents. Belinda’s professionalism, expertise, and positive nature have been instrumental through every phase of the project. In 2014, we co-wrote the application to the CSTD which resulted in winning a gold standard Canadian Award for Training Excellence.

If you are seeking a well-rounded and very competent training professional for your project, then look no further. Belinda excels in all 5 competency areas and specializes in leadership development. She is very adaptable to any culture (country or company). As an internal training practitioner, she is my example of a perfect consultant partner.

Belinda has done truly outstanding work in the past year, and continues to play an important role in the development of our training offering. Her professionalism and efforts on-site with clients were significant factors in the success of our first international contract.

Belinda has a unique gift of seeing the beauty in people. Through her gentle, sincere approach she provides the space for people to see it in themselves. Belinda helped me work through a situation that was difficult for me and see it in a new productive way. That allowed me to let go of some

stress that I was carrying around. Instead of being anxious to approach this situation, I started to feel excitement and see the good things that were there but long forgotten.

Doing the “Conflict Strategy Exercise” with Belinda of Clemmensen Consulting, was a real eye opener for me. It made me understand how differently people deal with conflict. It has given me a much greater understanding of my co- workers and has helped us improve our working relationships immensely. For me it really was life changing.