Opportunities for reinvention

As I find myself in a new community “up north” with a whole lot of cardboard boxes and only the dog for company during the day when my boys are at school, I am beginning to get a sense of the opportunity for reinvention that is possible whenever we choose to make a change in our lives.

It’s not the change itself that provides the opportunity.  I could easily continue with business as usual, forgo consciousness for habit, and recreate the exact same life I was living before we moved.   What is opening the door to something new for me, I find, is a sensitivity to what is different in this new environment.  As I walk to the lake and explore the hills I find myself thinking and feeling differently than I did on my walks and runs “back home”.  Every interaction with people in this community has had a different feel to it.  Call it cliche, but the people I’ve met here are friendlier, not in such a rush, not in the pressure cooker of city life.  It makes a difference.  And that makes me different in response.

I don’t know what this latest adventure will result in, but already I am excited by what I am noticing, the potential, the opportunities for reinvention.