Mining for Gold

Since January of 2012 I have been leading the program design and facilitation of The Supervisory Leadership Development Program (SLDP) for IAMGOLD. IAMGOLD is a mid-tier Canadian gold and niobium company, and SLDP is a global leadership initiative that is unique in mining. With the philosophy that the supervisory level leaders in the organization influence more individuals that any other single group in the company, a significant effort and investment is being made to develop their leadership skills. The program is modular and initial implementation spans 3 years, with on-going access for new supervisors indefinitely.

This program is an intentional leadership journey for the participants, but it has also been a unexpected leadership journey for me.  I’m not surprised that my own learning and growth is mirroring that of my client group, but I didn’t consider that when I began.  What started as a global learning design and facilitation project, has taken hold of my heart and mind.  And at its best, I believe it’s beginning to do the same for some of the supervisors at IAMGOLD.  This stuck me most acutely when in conversation with one of our internal facilitators from Africa, and he told me that some people there tell him he is dreaming if he believes that SLDP can create the positive change it is working towards.  And he replied that if he is a dreamer, he is proud to dream the dream of SLDP.  As am I, my friend, as am I.