Into the soup of change…again

Because I spend my life working to support the transformation efforts of others, it’s incumbent on me to spend a good deal of time doing my own transformation work.  Partly because I need constant reminders of what it feels like to step outside the comfort zone and let go of the known in search of the possible.  Partly to keep me on the lookout for valuable tools and wisdom to pass on to others.  Partly for credibility.  But mostly, because it’s what makes me feel most alive.

I often wonder about a life of security, where things stay the same for long stretches of time.  I project that it would somehow be easier, that I would be more relaxed.  But really, I’m only fooling myself.  If I truly wanted that life I would create it.  Instead I create a life with a lot of change, a lot of uncertainty and the primary demand to be present in the moment, while holding a vision for the future.

So this is how I find myself planning to move up north and live a little more “off the map”.  We finally managed to live in one place longer than a year and a half and we’re giving it all up for the next adventure.  Am I scared?  Absolutely.  Do I trust in my creativity and resourcefulness?  Most days, yes.

It’s not that I want to “get through it” or “make it work”.  I want more than that.  I want to create a beautiful, extraordinary life for myself and my family, wherever we are.  And that is something I believe I share with many of my clients.

Oh, did I mention that we are planning to move by the time school begins, we haven’t sold our house and haven’t made a decision about a house to buy up north?  Into the soup….