Change in the Season

Autumn is upon us and the leaves are changing, the light is changing and the temperatures are all over the map.  While facilitating a ropes course program for an organization earlier this week I realized I am in a new season in my own life as well.  I’m in my 40’s, and that feels different somehow than a couple of years ago when I was in my 30’s.

Participants in the program were “young” in my eyes, in their 20’s, or early 30’s and it was a very cool experience to feel that I was not “young” in that way anymore, but I was able to fully enjoy them and be present with them in a way I’m not sure I was able to when I was younger, and therefore one of their peers.  It’s not that I felt “old” either, just that I recognized and appreciated a difference.  When I was in my 20’s and 30’s different things mattered to me, and frankly a lot more things intimidated me.  I remember climbing soon after my son was born and thinking “I should feel more cautious now that I’m a parent” when in fact the experience was of feeling less fear and being more adventurous.  Being in my 40’s is kind of like that.  Paradoxically, as I get older I have less fear and feel more adventurous.  It’s actually pretty fun!

Everyone’s “seasons” unfold in different ways.  As the seasons change in the outside world, take some time to see how that is reflected in your inner world.  See what there is to discover from nature’s patterns as we mirror that rhythm in our own lives.