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Under the Snow

Under the snow lies the sleepy green shoots of new life, new vitality, new possibilities.  And so it is with us. By some standards I live “up north”.  That’s a pretty fluid concept in Canada!  Geographically speaking Huntsville, Ontario is actually quite south but given the huge population bubble living in the GTA, I live

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Change in the Season

Autumn is upon us and the leaves are changing, the light is changing and the temperatures are all over the map.  While facilitating a ropes course program for an organization earlier this week I realized I am in a new season in my own life as well.  I’m in my 40’s, and that feels different

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Opportunities for reinvention

As I find myself in a new community “up north” with a whole lot of cardboard boxes and only the dog for company during the day when my boys are at school, I am beginning to get a sense of the opportunity for reinvention that is possible whenever we choose to make a change in

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Into the soup of change…again

Because I spend my life working to support the transformation efforts of others, it’s incumbent on me to spend a good deal of time doing my own transformation work.  Partly because I need constant reminders of what it feels like to step outside the comfort zone and let go of the known in search of

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